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Marina Koutsospyrou

Marina's excellence was obvious from her first steps in painting when she entered the Fine Art's School first in her year and finished with honors in 2001. She developed a unique visual writing that is full of rich narrative and emotion, the and she could certainly be described as one of the most dynamic -and hardworking- female vοices that the modern Greek visual art has to show. Studying all her work from her early years until today, one can easily find out that Koutsospyrou does not hesitate to express herself, experiment and feel deal with the topics she finds interesting every time, abstaining from adhering to successful stereotypes and tricks.On the contrary, her work is characterized by a rich - in terms of topics but also technical performance - approach that embraces and unites the familiar realism of reality with the abstract and often overwhelming invasion of imagination and dream within it.Human beings, men, women, children, all placed in the environments they belong to, in urban or natural environments, in environments made of myth and history, surrealism or even romance, become the protagonists of an imaginative painting troupe which leaves you in the end with a gentle sense like a caress of another time that we keep inside us, deeply precious as nostalgia.