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Sofia Fotiadou

If I had to pick a genre for my painting although difficult, due to the hybrid nature of my work, “magic realism” with a surrealist undertone would be it. Harsh images that capture our banal lives, a world full of data that consciously or subconsciously feeds into my work and helps involve it. All of these sources are filtered through a personal lens, which process and alters all these visual stimuli before they are translated with painting brushes unto the canvas. In other words, the mind rules over the body. Despite this pluralistic approach there is an underlying theme that runs throughout my artistic practice. The female psyche and feminine energy that wants to communicate and reveal its true identity by breaking social constraints and stereotypes is a recurrent theme that sets the foundations for each and every painting of mine. In the end these are nothing more than lifetime experiences that give shape and form to each project that I am undertaking. The painting surface is the meeting point where reality clashes with fantasy and vice-versa.