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Diogenis Papadopoulos

Diogeni’s work is noted for the fluidity and color he uses when painting his perception of the human face and body. Curved lines, circular shapes, and detailed backgrounds in a monochromatic ambience compose the majority of his artworks. A series of yellow paintings, a series of blue paintings, but one can always recognize his distinct style. There is a liberty in his paintings, as a result of his non-realistic expression (despite sometimes called a realist) that gives the viewer the freedom to interpret the artwork, that hides some of the truth, and intrigues as a half-naked body. Whether he uses ink, tempera or oil paint, realism or fantasy, he achieves transferring a recognizable unique feeling to his audience. Born, raised, and living in his hometown Xanthi in northern Greece, a civil engineer, and an architect in profession, Diogenis Papadopoulos is a contemporary artist of our times that continues to impress us himself through his brushstrokes. Artist's quote: My source of inspiration is the human body, and especially woman’s body, such as every time I realize is infinite. Also, my inspirations come from moments, landscapes, people, and I try to reproduce the moment, the expression, the smells that impressed me, but what matters is always the color..