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Katerina Hatzi

Water is transparent, is fluid, is transforming its shape according to the vessel. Humans are similar in way depending on time and place we are shaped by our surroundings. Images of a human being underwater, closer to freedom in one hand but so close to death on the other, creates a strong emotional state to the viewer. Different shades of blue, from dark blue-black to lighter shades that are similar to the blue sky, human figures dipped into sea water or submerged under the waves, create a series of oil paintings on canvas that complete the show. The artist both a painter and a clinical Psychologists says about her work: Painting such as psychoanalysis, is a medium to me to understand the world that surrounds me, a way to press "pause " on the universe in order to think. The painting process is to me the safest way to self knowledge and redemption, by depicting the way from passion to meaning. I guess we can all agree that art was the first way to exploring and the human soul, way before psychoanalysis.. Katerina Hatzi is a Greek painter who has extensively exhibited on a national level as well as in Italy. With a professional background in psychology and psychoanalysis, art has always been her refuge and a path towards understanding and interpreting the world around her. Hatzi creates images that convey the human experience, exploring themes relating to departure, pain, catharsis, life, death and rebirth. She favors using oil on canvas in her compositions.