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Dimitri Dimitracacos

« ANY FORMALITY» The photographic project by Dimitri Dimitracacos starts from the idea to remove a formality pre-established in the nudes photography using literary component. The process take place by a total decomposition of the photographic vision where the subject goes from a literary imagination and arrives at a series of photos that define an impact. The title wants to be a beginning and at the same time point of arrival of a dramaturgy of images temporarily linked to the words. The photographic act exceeds the word and her definition in a steady process but at the same time anarchist, between written form and fiction. The final impact given by the photographer is the alchemical result of a set of forms and of an uncontrolled imaginative feeling where the said is a picture full of meanings. The image is the total process of a thought, heard and seen. No formality is the rule and in the same time the expression of the shot about the time passing on the scene and also about the paper that imprints a word seen and a primordial chaos. The word is not only the start but also an integral part of the image. The photo must be seen like a polyhedron, from different points of view and conditioned to overcome in the final image the concept of light and scenography, the concept of thought and seen.