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George Alekou

George Alekou is a contemporary Greek painter, born in Athens where he still lives. Fascinated from an early age by painting, he spend endless hours at his mother’s art studio making his first charcoal drawings. Yet equally influenced by his father, decides to become a doctor, but his artistic passion never leaves him, and alongside his medical course he is professionally initiated into art. Alekou is focusing on intense themes that sometimes are shocking or even repulsive, but in no case leave the viewer untouched by his painting. The use of charcoal alone or combined with acrylics, oils and watercolours reflects a raw beauty, an intimate reality, unlike those artworks that tend to portrait an idealized image. Nudity, beauty, passion, pain, life.. All those situations that make us feel alive are present in his mainly large-scale pieces that despite the “hard” sometimes content feel so intimate and warm to our eyes.