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Yiorgos Theodorou

Yiorgos Theodorou’s work consists of elements that disfigure the image, distort the three-dimensional space and shape the conditions for a fleeting and fluid atmosphere; the furious use of lines, acrylic and oil colors, combined with charcoal reminds us of the work Neo-Expressionist artists. Reclaiming the scales of grey with skill, the painter constructs and deconstructs the human face as it comes and goes in the area of memory and dreams being black and white and abstract. And since every portrait is a frozen impression, playing with the grid of the rope, the form and the grey shades enhances the ambiguity of a psychological atmosphere. Expressionism would deform the face and abstraction would project the sense of hollowness. On the contrary, Theodorou processes the expressionistic and abstract formats from the beginning and more elaborately in order to create his own terms of reconciliation between reminiscence and emotion.